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Полка Телефонная-3 (АКМ)

Полка телефонная №3 Тиса мебель 

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      весом кг
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      Код товара: 00034

      Высота: - 320 мм
      Ширина: - 380 мм
      Глубина: - 320 мм
      Вес: - 5 кг

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      The telephone shelf is a guest from the past.  

      When I told my colleagues that I would place telephone shelves in this furniture catalog, they looked at me, as if to put it mildly, with great surprise. A fair question was, and that, it - still for sale?

      Indeed, it's hard to understand why we need furniture for something that has long been out of use. Not only that, it's not even manufactured... Many people have generally forgotten that there is any phone other than a cell phone. In those distant times, when the phone was in circulation, the phone could not be easily put in your pocket, and the device itself weighed almost a good kilogram.

      The telephone was a decoration of the interior, sometimes even a luxury, therefore a special place was chosen for it. As a rule it stood proudly on the night table in the room, or somewhere on a special telephone shelf on the wall near the front door. That's when telephone shelves as an element of the interior have become quite popular.

      After all, in order for your apartment there was a telephone, you had to be in line for many years to get a city number at the exchange, and with the cherished number to buy the phone, which cost by those standards, a lot of money... The story is akin to a detective story, and only then you had the opportunity to call the same lucky people in your city, and sometimes even to order long distance calls around the country. True, this "pleasure" was absolutely not cheap, and you had to pay around bill at the end of the month.

      A great story that few people remember nowadays. Separately worth mentioning, as in the early days of the Internet was the connection to the outside world. I remember it was a whole ritual when you dialed up to the operator's pool, listened to the first beep of the modem, pressed the button on the keyboard and hung up so that the modems could establish communication with each other. The speed of 33.6 kilobits per second was considered the limit of dreams because, as a rule, it was 28.8 if I'm not mistaken. In order for you to understand what a speed of 28.8 kilobits per second is, I will give you an example. When I was downloading an ordinary movie of 700 MB mediocre quality for three days... 

      That time was wonderful, when you were rediscovering the world. Now I remember those times with a big smile, realizing that you could call anyone on this planet just by taking a small box out of your pocket or just by touching the watch on your wrist. 

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