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Show room furniture - interactive 3d presentation

Show room furniture - interactive 3d presentation

From foreign vocabulary came to us a funny word Showroom, sounds like Show (show) Room (room). From the name it becomes clear that the Show room is in effect a kind of room, or any space in which we have the opportunity to view a particular object. An analogue of this newfangled word not so long ago was a word-combination intelligible to everyone - the Exhibition Hall. Roughly speaking, museum halls can also be called showrooms, with the only difference that you can not buy anything in the museum, but in the store you can. Functional need for showrooms arose in the commercial field, for the presentation of goods for potential buyers, with the aim of increasing sales. The problem is that the stores are not only in reality, where the possibility of holding such presentations is realizable, but also on the Internet.

Everything is good in the online store - a huge range, a wide selection of manufacturers, affordable prices, free shipping... This list can be replenished with a lot of flattering epithets except for one big minus - all this can not be touched, walk around, open all the boxes look inside everything is arranged. It is difficult to sell all the above by contemplating a flat, not always well-made photograph. How often it happened that after receiving an order, a person in fact received not exactly what he expected, but in some cases not at all. Because the photo can not fully create a reliable and detailed image of the furniture you like. But it was so until today.

I am happy to inform you that the era of flat, unremarkable (like all) photos of goods is a thing of the past. We begin work on filling our site with new, interactive, detailed and technically well-executed 3d presentations! You could imagine that the opportunity to peek behind the cabinet that you are viewing on the site that would see how to attach it to the back wall will soon become real? It is no longer necessary to guess how and what is arranged - it's enough to simply move the mouse on the screen to see much more than the competitors offer.

Welcome to our store with elements of augmented reality, an online store building the process of buying furniture in an exciting action, contemplating a beautiful and amazing symbiosis of reality in the virtual space.

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