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Код товара: 00024

Высота - 1200 мм
Ширина - 600 мм
Глубина - 250 мм
Вес - 10 кг


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Похожие модели


Clothes rack: wall, floor and ceiling  

The coat rack in the hallway room is probably the main element in the interior. It sets the functionality of the room and creates all the necessary conditions for the occupants and guests of the house. Its forms and modern performance amaze with the wealth of imagination of designers, and designs allow you to pick up the subject under the peculiarities of any interior. Therefore, to buy a coat rack in the hallway - it is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

Before you run to the store and buy hangers, you need to decide, first, where exactly it will be located and what its functionality is. The area of the room, first, determines the type of design of the future coat rack. If the room is small or oblong, as in the classic high-rises in Ukraine, will suit compact racks, which will not interfere with the movement and will not take up much space. A special role is played by the presence of closets in the hallway or, if there is a separate coat rack. They, as well as the rack, serve as a place to store things, but if there is no rack, then the entire load is transferred to this piece of furniture.

Wooden wall hangers are the most popular model, which is a set of individual hooks arranged in any order. They can be at room-sized, which is suitable for small rooms, or an imposing panel with shelves for shoes, handbags, hats, etc. A rack with a mirror is one type of wall-mounted design that is considered the most popular. In the absence of a separate mirror on the wall of the hallway, this type of furniture solves two problems at once.

Floor hangers - to buy such a model in the hallway can be of any type and area. This is a kind of rack with different height hooks or crossbars. However, such a design has both advantages and disadvantages.

The positives can include:  

Ease of installation or its absence; You can install it in any place, especially if the rack has wheels; Outer clothing can be stored in full length; A shelf for hats is provided at once.

You can view options of the rack and its location on the photo in our online store: often such a model is installed in cafes, public institutions and other crowded places.

But it is worth paying more attention to the disadvantages, choosing this item:  

It is considered quite bulky and impractical for a residential house or apartment. Due to the fact that things are placed on it in a circle, there should be enough free space from the wall. In cases with small hallways - this option is not the best. With an uneven load, the design becomes unstable and will often topple over.

Ceiling rack - the price of this type of rack differs from the previous options, but it is also accompanied by a number of difficulties in installation. Yes, if the apartment has stretched or suspended ceilings, it will be simply unrealistic to install a ceiling rack. But if when creating the interior immediately take into account this point, you can create a unique design in the hallway, and even make the rack the main accent of the room.

Numerous reviews of the owners of this piece of furniture note:  

Compactness - in terms of its parameters, the rack takes up a minimum of space; The ability to store things full-length and on hangers; Looks original and unusual.

Another 3 models of a piece of hallway furniture that you did not know about  

Overhead - a small bar with hooks, attached to the door or the side wall of the closet. It is a mini version of the rack, where you can store a small amount of clothes, and it does not take up much space.

Built-in model, which is built into the niche, and is often made to order. Such a service is also offered by our online store, and therefore difficulties with the purchase will not arise. It can be given any shape and look, as well as the correct unevenness of the room with its help. Rack with sliding doors, as one of the popular subspecies of built-in furniture, will help to hide from view all things and closet items, and can even be part of a closet.

The mobile model is great for a small hallway, as well as a large, where there is already a closet or built-in furniture. Its beauty is that it is easily assembled and can be stored anywhere, and when the need arises - to get out and unpack. Many people use mobile hangers as an "open closet," making them a complete piece of furniture.

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