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Вешалка настенная-6

Вешалка настенная-6 Тиса мебель 

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      весом кг
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      Код товара: 00011

      Высота - 1100 мм
      Ширина - 600 мм
      Глубина - 250 мм
      Вес - 11 кг

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      Предложение для Мебельщиков



      Похожие модели



      The main attribute of the closet are hangers, but they come in different and it is worth considering. This device is designed for the careful and neat storage of things. They help to systematize and arrange clothing by season, color, size and gender.

      This element is used not only in closets. It is often installed in hallways, utility rooms, clothing stores and many other places. The range of products is quite large, so the buyer will find a suitable model for the stylistics of the room.

      Usually hangers are used only for storing clothes, but there are also models for shoes, hats, accessories, towels and other household sundries. The presence of such details allows you to systematize space and make it more comfortable for living or working.

      Product Varieties 

      Hangers are classified according to different criteria. The main indicator is the principle of installation. There are two options for installing the product, so there are two types of products:

        - Wall-mounted. Clings to the wall with screws.
        - Wall-mounted. Installed near the wall, and is designed for outerwear.

      Even allocate a few more options - floor, built-in, portable. Buyers choose the type of installation depending on the volume of the room and personal preferences. This classification applies more to products designed to store things outside the closet. If it is about small closet hangers, then their appearance and varieties are fundamentally different.

      The products have the appearance of hangers with a hook. It is a standard form that fits in any closet, easy to reach. The hook is fixed to the crossbar in the closet, and the clothes cling to the hangers or on the bottom of the design. On such models it is good to store blouses, jackets, sweaters, dresses, and even skirts with pants.

      As for the appearance of products, these hangers are often made of wood, metal, fabric, plastic. The price of such products is naturally different, so before you buy the products, it is worth evaluating their quality and choose according to the type of clothing. On each product, especially wood, there is an additional coating that serves as protection against water for the product itself, and for clothes from burr.

      There are also special modifications used in concert halls, schools, exhibition centers and restaurants. Often in such institutions are installed hanging hangers for several dozen seats, so that all visitors find a closet. They come with special numbers for a quick search. In residential areas, such options are not used. Tips for choice

      Select the products should be in accordance with the type of clothing. There are products for sundresses and clothes with straps, for outerwear, for shirts, costume variations, for skirts and pants, as well as special under accessories. The peculiarity of the last two types is that they have small clips or holes for fixing things. Thus, they are less damaged, crumpled and retain their presentable appearance.

      Choosing the product you should look at the voluminous hangers. They will hold the shape of things and will not let them deform. It is recommended to choose separate types of items for every thing, and not to throw the entire closet on one hanger.

      If a model is selected in the hallway, it is better to look at the wall hanger. Reviews about such modifications are good, because they do not take much, in an already small room, and also allow you to quickly complete all the things. Most of all valued wooden variations, as they suit any interior, combined with laminate, parquet, decorative stone or other materials.

      But the most expensive are called forged products, and for good reason. They are often made by hand and require a lot of effort and time. They also fit easily into any interior. Not only that, but they are often additionally coated in gold, silver or other colors. Metal modifications are durable and can withstand any load. This is especially important in the hallway, where the hanger needs to withstand the weight of several jackets, coats and fur coats.

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