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Комоды и тумбы | Chests and Bollards


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Chest of drawers is a thing that every good housewife should have in her home. And how else to hide personal things from prying eyes and at the same time not forget what and where you put it? And we will help to understand a question of a choice of fashionable dressers and curbstones! Prices are different, the quality is the same!

... And she is wonderful! In our store there is no place for fragile chipboard, raw wood and toxic paints and varnishes, because our experts carefully check the authenticity of quality certificates for all materials and components of your future furniture.

Our chests of drawers and cabinets are made of the best chipboard in the country - SwisSpan. Numerous reviews that you can find on the Internet will help to make sure of its strength and reliability. The power of this case is complemented by a strong edge Rehau. It protects the ends not only from mechanical damage, but also from moisture penetration into the chipboard. All this significantly extends the life of your furniture.

As for the price, we made sure that in our catalog there are options for every taste and budget. At the same time it is profitable for our company to sell high-quality dressers cheaply! The fact is that for 10 years of work in the furniture market of Ukraine, we have optimized the cost of advertising and logistics, resulting in an undeniable advantage over competitors - the ability to sell chests of drawers and cabinets at almost wholesale prices. And this in no way diminishes the quality of the product!

Some manufacturers are cunning in lowering the price of goods and raising the cost of services such as delivery and assembly of furniture. We value our reputation too much to sin against such trifles. Here you can buy a chest of drawers and save a significant amount for the family budget. For special needs

Now a few words about the diversity of our range. Along with the usual chests of drawers for the bedroom and living room, you can find in our catalog of special purpose furniture. For example, a changing table with an increased tabletop area for comfortable swaddling of your child. We also make such furniture taking into account all wishes of the customer. And in addition we give a guarantee on a product - 2 years of faultless service without breakdowns and repairs. But the real service life of our furniture is much longer! For example, dressers for the bedroom rarely experience extreme loads and are able to serve their owners for 10 and 20 years! For those who value time ...

... We have created an online store Stool UA. Here you can find a detailed description of all the models and see their photos in high quality and high resolution. Here is information about prices and opportunities to buy goods in installments. There is also a color palette of facades and buildings, colors from which you can combine at your discretion and taste. And even if you have additional questions, you can consult with our specialist by phone, avoiding exhausting shopping trips. This way, a fashionable and high-quality chest of drawers will become yours in one click!

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